Front Office

Front Office plays an important role in the first impression of a company. Every organisation requires a person/department to attend to visitors at the entry to address their general concerns and queries. The Front Office desk or the reception is the face, which represents the organisation. Front Office Management is a key requirement at offices, organisations, hotels, hospitals and institutes.

The students are taught the technical aspects of Front Office management and are trained to develop right attitude towards a service mind set


Lobby Area

The Front Office is also called the nerve center of a hotel. It can be defined as the front of the housing department located around the foyer and the lobby area of a hospitality property. As this department is located around the foyer area of the hotel and is visible to the guests, patrons, and visitors, they are collectively called “Front Office”.


Front Desk

The hotel front desk is the reception area of the hotel. Those at the desk basically keep the hotel operating, with its many responsibilities. It is the front desk staff that checks guests in and assigns them a room. The front desk staff is also in charge of sending hotel staff to clean the rooms that have been used. Guests also come to the front desk to ask questions and to check out when they are done.

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