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Accommodation Operation

Housekeeping department take immense pride in maintaining the utmost standard of cleanliness and hygiene and aesthetic surroundings. Being one of the core departments it is also called the back bone of the hotel. For creating industry professionals, the students are trained in different aspects of housekeeping.


Training Guest Room

We support practical training for in-room components in our hospitality programs through a furnished guest room for simulations, evaluations, and routine practice. The room enables students to handle day-to-day in-house guest situations with practiced ease.


Fully Equipped Housekeeping Lab

Alongside the guest room labs, we support housekeeping studies through a fully equipped housekeeping lab with the latest laundry, cleaning, and housekeeping equipment’s. The lab serves a dual purpose too - alongside real-life simulation, it helps the students prepare uniforms and address other housekeeping needs.

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