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Food and Beverage Service

The Food & Beverage Service department of the college shoulders the responsibility of teaching and training the students in the art and technique of serving and selling food and beverage. We have three training restaurants, namely; Basic training restaurant, Fine dining restaurant, and Advanced training restaurant wherein the students are imparted all the knowhow of dining etiquettes. The students are trained to be proficient in all the skills of management required in the area of food and beverage i.e. to serve, to supervise and to manage food & beverage service operations. Menu and the maxims of Menu-Planning; Food and Wine harmony; familiarization with F&B service equipments; restaurant layouts; on-table arrangements for multiple cuisines, etc. – students acquire mastery in these skills with the inputs from both theory and practical classes.


Basic Training Restaurant

In basic training restaurant, students learn the basic service techniques and etiquettes required in a restaurant. Types of cutleries, crockery, napkin folds, glassware’s, types of services, Banquet setup, Buffet Service etc are taught. They also learn the etiquettes and manners of a diner in a restaurant. The basic training Restaurant helps in the exchange of knowledge and skills. The students also learn how to handle a complaint and serve food to the guest. The students are taught about the handling procedure of bar, along with basic mixology, Mocktails and Cocktail preparation which is part of their curriculum.


Advanced Training Restaurant

Advance training restaurant has a special feature of display kitchen and capable to arrange international cuisines for service. The senior students are learning here the mastery of skills on Menu-planning, matching different foods with wines, use of various tools and equipment’s, layout of the restaurant, table arrangements for foods from various cuisines, buffets and banquet service etc.

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