Food Production

Food production plays an important role in professional culinary and hospitality industry. Students can have knowledge about the cooking skills and concepts in detail as per the curriculum. The College has got different labs according to the profession which are fully equipped with modern facilities, for the students to gain practical knowledge.


Basic Training Kitchen

The Basic Training Kitchen lays down the foundation stone for young dynamic Hospitality students to become Chefs. They are introduced to the art and science of cooking and are familiarised with the basic rules and regulations of kitchen operations. This practical lab helps them to explore their culinary skills through hands on training and practical demonstrations. The kitchen is well equipped with the modern equipment’s which match the standards of the professional kitchens.


Quantity Training Kitchen

Bulk cooking is a specialized art and in order to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the hospitality professionals and to give them the confidence, students can work in teams to prepare menus catering for volume food preparation. Large-scale cooking capacity and ability lie at the heart of every catering-grade kitchen. Our quantity training kitchen supports bulk cooking with specialised, heavy-duty equipment to create large quantities of Rotis, bread, tilting pans, pressure cookers, large vessels and associated appliances like pulverisers, mincers, grinders, and freezers.


Advanced Training Kitchen

After mastering the basics the students moves onto the specialization of cooking : ATK (Advanced Training Kitchen) as the name suggests it is basically a kitchen which trains students in modern and world cuisines. The trained students with basic skills of food production are taught. Well designed and well equipped laid infrastructure to cater to the international standards of hospitality industry, The menu ranges from French, Chinese, mediteranian, and other international cuisine like Spanish, Italian, German and Scotish. The basic idea is to induce more confidence and knowledge of international delicacies around the globe. The combined menu’s are such designed to test the basic cooking skills and to focus more on aesthetic appeal of the food on the plate and to provide experience of a taste journey to the students and diners. The sophisticated use of international ingredients are put to test and students are expected to whip up delectable recipes.


Bakery and Confectionery

Bakery & Confectionery is an imperative part of the Hotel Management curriculum. In Bakery the students are taught all the basic aspects of baking and how a bakery works. The students are exposed to various methods and techniques of baking such as kneading, creaming, folding etc. The students gain knowledge about various techniques vital in preparation of these items and the ideal temperature and time required to cook it.

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